The General Establishment of Geology
& Mineral Resources
Lattakia Department

Department Profile and Its Tasks

It is one of Departments of the General Establishment of Geology & Mineral Resources which was established by the decree no. 136 /1977 after adding the tasks and specialization of the General Company of Marble & Asphalt, by the decree no. 13 /2010, that was

  1. Exploiting marble from its spread quarries in Lattakia, Palmyra quarries, and Kenfo quarries /Musiaf

  2. Producing marble slabs, finished tiles with beautiful colors in its factory in Zobar according to the international sizes

  3. Producing natural Asphalt from Kferieh lurks

  4. Producing Asphalt paste and Grafion in its factory in Kferieh

  5. Works of Water isolations by the means of French method ( Aspel )

  6. Asphalting Roads and yards according to the client desire and the local market requirements

  7. Workers number in the Department amounts to /1170/ worker from different specializations (technical, productive, administrative, service)


The Department is followed by:

  • Marble Factory of Lattakia- /Alzobar

  • Marble quarries of Lattakia/Badrosieh –Kasab –Ain AlSharkieh/

  • Tadmor quarries –/Abo AlFawares /

  • Kenfo quarries /Musiaf /Kferieh Asphalt Factory

  • Kferieh Asphalt quarries

  • Lattakia Gypsum quarries