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Kind of products prepared for selling & exporting:

1.     Raw Marble materials: regular marble blocks, irregular marble blocks and other secondary materials

2.     Marble Slabs: sawed and unfinished with thickness of 2-3 cm

3.     Ornamental finished stone: finished marble tiles and slabs used for Ornamental purposes

4.     Finished Marble Tiles: sawed and finished with thickness of 2-3 cm with standard dimensions according to the requirements

5.     Slabs and Finished Marble Tiles: dealt with resin, epoki and metal net / Italian technology /

6.     Asphalt powder:  with granular graduation of / 0- 5/ mm to make Asphalt paste and isolation uses.

7.     Asphalt grafion: with granular graduation of / 5-17 mm, it is used to asphalt roads and yards

8.     Asphalt paste: It is prepared by mixing Asphalt powder with refineries oil and pouring it in moulds after burning. It is used to isolate of the horizontal and declinator surfaces. Asphalt paste is classified as an isolator for water, voice and electrical


Marble Uses:


        Ornamental decorative and formation works

        All internal & external covering for buildings

        Floors, sinks, stairs and tables


Raw Gypsum

It is used in Cement industry and the gypsum products and other industrial works .It is two kinds:

1.     First kind: It is High purity .The percentage of water Calcium Sulfate is more than 90%

2.     Second kind: The percentage of water Calcium Sulfate is between80% -   90%

Specifications of Syrian Raw Gypsum

        Humidity: 3%

        Calcium oxide: 30.5%

        Magnesium oxide: 2.1%

        Sodium oxide: 0.03%

        Third Sulfate oxide: 42.8%

        Dissolved materials in Water Chlorine acid: 0.8%

        Frozen water: 19.1 %

        Burning materials: 0.8 %

        Water Calcium Sulfate: 91 %

        Non water Calcium Sulfate: 1.0 %

        Granular dimensions / 30- 250/ mm%

Marble Blocks

1.     Tadmor quarries:Abo Al-Fawares Quarry:


 The department produces regular Marble Blocks of Tadmory kind of white and yellow Color with the required dimensions .It is extracted by the modern international ways /cutting saw and diamond wires trimmed on six faces


       Al-Sukkar quarry :

Marble Blocks of Travertine kind are of / pink - light beige grey/color. It is extracted by the modern international ways / saw arm machines  and diamond wires / trimmed on six faces

        Musiaf quarry /Alkenfo/: It is a dolomite lime rocks of beautiful colors / grey- dark & light olive-green/ trimmed blocks on six faces according to the requirements   ( back )


Physical and Mechanical Specifications for


Syrian Marble Produced in Lattakia Department


Examination Badrosy Tadmory Kasaby Specifications
Density kg/m3 2710 2600 2630

Not less than 2600 kg/m3


Absorbent water Density 0.20 0.80 0.61

Not more than

 1 %  weight


Pressure resistance 129.9 107.1 116.2

Not less than 

/ 100/Newton/mm2


Rupture resistance


7.09 8.02 8.99 Not less than /7/ Newton/mm2
Tear resistance 9.18 9.19 8.44 Not less than /7/ Newton/mm2
Wear resistance 0.95 1.22 1.18 Not more than 4.25/mm2