Lattakia marble factory- Damascus marble factory-Kferieh asphalt factory-Al-Beshri asphalt factory- Lattakia Gypsum factory- Tartous Establishment for sandstone sawing

The productive power of the company factories is /450000/m2 of marble slabs and a quantity of /24000/ m2 of ornamental stone slabs /Trakeet - gabro/

:Factories features

xperience and qualification which are not less than 20 years
Distinction in production accuracy
Distinction in prices and goodness
Convoy technology and presentation the best

Lattakia marble factory
The contractual power is /350000/ m, the factory has two productive units
The first : to produce the ordinary marble and it is like Damascus marble factory
The second : to produce the ornamental rocks/ gabro /

The gabro production unit has one productive line which contains the following machines :
A new sawing machine
Two machines to finish the gabro that work automatically in a programmed way according to the required sizes
A chain of automatic polishing and grinding machines
.A machine for grinding with manual columns for special uses
This line is followed by the lightning slabs of all and different sizes for ground slabs
( tiles)
A unit for producing ordinary marble is consisted of: sawing, cutting and polishing departments
The factory is equipped with a ground scale ,its capacity is /100/ ton to weigh the trucks loaded with blocks . The factory contains the blocks and marble slabs square , that contains two cranes



:Damascus marble factory
The contractual power is /350000/ m of marble slabs of thickness of /2/ cm resulted of sawing /10000/ m of marble blocks
:The factory is consisted of The following departments
:Blocks,and marble slabs square that contains two cranes
First: its loading is /30/ ton

The second : : its loading is /5/ ton with two cutters and one blade to trim the blocks

Department of sawing : contains four cutters of typlock type with four finished horizontal machines to cut the resulted slabs and four machines to polish the
finished slabs Each, machine contains /10/ heads. Also ,there is a machine to polish and grind the edges and break the upper edge of the stairs and skirting boards that works automatically .There is a special line for marble forming to produce skirting boards


:Kferieh spot
The natural Asphalt in this spot is consisted of lime rocks and clay and lime dolimated mixed with bitomin Each for the percentage of 12% weight ,the reservation of asphalt rocks is estimated in this spot and surrounds with /50/ million ton the studied reservation of which is /17.5/ million ton

:Al-Bishri spot
Al-Bishri raw stone is produced by impulsion and by primitive easy ways . It  consists of silisi bitomin sand with a medium percentage amounts to 19% .This production is used in asphalting and covering the branch roads of the third and fourth degree

Department of finishing: It contains three machines to polish the big slabs with two manual polishing machines for decoration works

Department of engraving: It contains machines to engrave marble slabs
( Bosharda) according to the types amounts to /16/ types .The factory is equipped with a ground scale which its capacity is /100/ ton to weigh trucks loaded with the blocks

Gypsum factory
It consists of three productive units as the raw gypsum is transferred through a furnace and lime units into a Gypsum powder , Gypsum mortar and block